Friday, August 12, 2011

Not Linking THIS Classroom!

Well, at last I was able to get into my classroom this week.  I decided to tackle it for only a few hours at a time, following doctor's orders to take it easy.  HAH!

THIS is what I found when I walked in on Monday.

Very discouraging.   After two days of work (only 5 hours total, keep in mind), it looked like this!!!

Yeah, I know.  No one would even know I've done anything.   I didn't even bother to take pictures after day 3, because I sort of hit the wall.

My problem---or at least the main one at the moment :) - is that there are no shelves or cubbies to put things INTO.  My boxes are all open, and I've sorted them into piles.  I didn't quite realize until now that I've collected about 30 boxes of children's books....Hmmmm.

I'll go back in on Monday and try to tackle it again.  But schools here are closed Fridays, so I have an enforced 'holiday'.  I need to be doing some projects around the house, but instead I'm doing more school stuff.

This is my first 'easy' project.  I wanted to tackle were some letter search bottles.  I had an epiphany of sorts while looking at a 4th grade website, and decided to change my approach to things.   I used these fantastic letter tiles I found at AC Moore in the scrapbooking section.  They are plastic, and have the capital letters on both sides.

I used one of the Sobe Lifewater bottles (which, yes, I bought purely for the shape).  I filled it with fuse beads (the kind that you can buy a bunch of at Michaels or AC Moore), and added my letter tiles.

I plan to use the bottle with these recording sheets at a center sometime in October or November (depending on my kiddos).  I've made one a 'higher level', to differentiate a bit.

Letter Bottle 1

Letter Bottle 2

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  1. I have so wanted to try making these! You can buy them at Target and they look like such a fun center! I was thinking about putting some small toys in there and having them make a list of things they find, practicing spelling/letter sounds a little further into the year :)