Monday, August 13, 2012

Starting the year off on the wrong foot (or maybe its the right foot and I just stubbed my toes?)

Well, today I went into my classroom for the first time.  I knew I had to face it--the worst part of back to school (at least it is the worst for me).  I didn't go with grandiose plans---my plan was simply to get all of my tables back to their correct functioning position--in other words, all four table legs firmly grounded on the newly waxed floor (instead of flipped over and stacked on top of other tables).   I knew this would be difficult, because OH-MY-LAWS those kidney tables are HEA---VEY!  The rectangle table took forever to flip over (don't ask me why---looked so simple, but I just couldn't get it to cooperate), and then the seven square tables--was relieved when I got them all feet on the floor.

Then, my next step was to retrieve a few bookshelves from the hallway.  Long story short, last year was my first year in this room (and school), and it was formerly a room for special education grades 3-5).  I had a struggle trying to find kindergarten furniture (if you want to see what I mean, check last August's posts).  This year, I had friends who were 'casting off' some bookshelves, and I was 'scooping up' them up.  I planned to try a new arrangement, and I wanted to have all of the furniture I was going to actually have for the year in the room before I started to drastically move anything. 

I went down the hallway, and 1-by-1 retrieved the 3 bookshelves.  I had brought with me those "as-seen-on-TV" furniture do-dads that you slide under the furniture, and used those under the shelves so that I wouldn't scratch the newly waxed floor (and I'm sure you ALL know what I'm talking about).

So...after all my efforts, this is how my room looked after 4 1/2 hours.  One of the issues with fibromyalgia is that activity like today, instead of making me a little worn out and perhaps a little sweaty, wipes me out completely and leaves me in some serious pain.  So, I left mid-thought and mid-stream.  It was if all of a sudden I hit the wall, and I know from experience that there is no remedy besides rest and pain meds.  Ugh. Ugh. and Ugh.

So, I hobble to my car and off I go back home.  After being at home for about 30 minutes (as I wait for the pain meds to start to take effect) I decide to check my school email.  Not a good idea.  The very first email was from my principal to the entire staff, expressing concerns that "people" were moving bookshelves in the halls and scratching up the floors which the custodial staff had been working hard on all summer.  He said it very kindly and used very "general" terms, but I knew.  The "people" was actually a "person"--me.  It was me, and I feel terrible.  I was trying to be SO careful, and yet I apparently left scratches up and down the hall, leading to my room.  *note--for those of you who are thinking, "Oh, maybe you are mistaken...", sadly, I'm not.  I immediately responded to my principal's email, and he replied and confirmed it was indeed me.

So, I've now emailed the principal and the head custodian, feeling awful.  Here it is not even the first day of this new school year, and I've managed to do something stupid (a rookie mistake). Ugh. Ugh. DOUBLE Ugh.  I guess I'm going to go back tomorrow morning to eat some more crow.  And if any of you out there see those "As seen on TV" furniture sliders...don't let anyone convince you to try them on YOUR school's newly waxed and buffed floors.  Learn from me (not sure what lesson it is...just learn it! :))


  1. I am so sorry about your day. Totally feel you though. It has happened to me too. Good way to make them feel better is with a gift. Food always works for me so bake or buy something and take it in with an "I'M SO SORRY" card. But the room looks great. Try to have a great day tomorrow. Best of luck!

  2. Your room looks terrific! I've scratched up a floor or two, pretty much every year. I just think to myself "they should have put it back the way it was" and apologize.

    I am so sorry that you go through so much pain :(
    I can't imagine all the work and then to feel so bad. Take some time off Liesl, you deserve it!!

  3. Hi! I just found your blog through Kindergarten Network and I'm your newest follower. I'm sorry to hear about what kind of day you had!!! I hope everything gets better for you and you have a great start to the school year with your little students. Feel free to visit my blog sometime. :)
    ~ Lisa
    Teaching Kindergarten Kiddos

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  6. Hi there! The room looks fine if you were to ask me. I likewise find your blog a bit hilarious and a bit worried. Hope you’re already feeling okay. Well, it’s our little secret regarding the scratches on the floor and the bookshelves you took. Just kidding! I think you didn’t mean to do all that nor you didn’t mean to cause harm. I’m pretty sure Ms. Principal would understand. Good luck!

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