Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's a beginning...

I have spent so many nights stalking blogs over the past few months (ever since I got my laptop over Spring Break), that I just had to join the fray.  I've gotten so many fantastic ideas from my blogger 'friends' that I thought I'd share some ideas of my own (just to keep the game fair :) ). 

I leave in two days for the iteachk conference in Las Vegas---Woo Hoo!  I'm so NOT a 'wild child', so I'm not sure what to expect from the city itself.  I do know the conference will be invigorating!  One of my good friends, Jenny Sue Flannagan, is presenting on the first day, and since I was the one who encouraged her to become a presenter, I thought I'd better put my money where my mouth was and show up to support her! 

As I'm still figuring out all of this 'blogger stuff,' please be patient with me.  It might take me awhile to get in the groove.  But I hope to be able to share ideas with the kindergarten blogging world I have come to love.

This is my classroom (almost completed) last August.  I will be in a new school this fall, because our school lost its Title I funding.  Our district uses Title I funds to provide full day kindergarten at our Title I schools, while the rest of the schools in our large district provide half-day kindergarten.  Losing Title I funding meant we returned to half-day kindergarten, with each teacher teaching 2 sessions.  That also meant we needed only half as many kindergarten my assistant and I are moving on.  I have to confess, I am NOT looking forward to unpacking my 100+ boxes...

Well, that's it for now.  I'll post again when I return from Las Vegas.


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  1. Just found your blog. A happy hello and welcome to blogging.

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