Saturday, July 16, 2011

Walmart, Target and Dollar Tree, Part Two....

So, the sessions with Shari Sloane sent me to the Dollar Tree in search of the fabric pencil cases she mentioned (she uses them to store center sets of ABC matches or number matches).  I did not find them, but DID find fantastic folders (of which I did not take a picture of)...they are plastic folders with 8 pages of plastic pockets inside them.  Not sure what I'm going to use them for, but grabbed a bunch---they'll be gone before you know it.

EDIT:  Okay, I'm adding pictures of the folders, as asked:  :) 

I then made my way to Walmart---and hit teacher paydirt.  The Sterlite people have gotten the clue, and gone back to making their 'organizers' with 3 drawers.  I was frustrated last year that the only ones I could find had 2 drawers.  I use these to store glue sticks, crayons, scissors, pointers, 'marker socks' (black socks that hold white board markers and are used as erasers), etc. 

They have new colors, so I can 'retire' at least one of the purple ones, and each table will have its own color.

I also found the fabric pencil cases (I got 50), and smaller pencil boxes (for 47 cents apiece).    I also got 20 plastic pencil bags for the students' take-home folders (and do you notice Bailey in the background? I told you he was VERY interested in whatever I was putting on the carpet, as I usually don't put anything but his toys down there...).

Then I went back to Target.  I've already been several times (I live WAY too close to Target---less than 1/4 mile away), but these were new to me.

I got magazine holders (for organization of leveled books) in the dollar spot and more Dr. Seuss 'stuff'.  Then, I went back to the school supply section and picked up the 10 packs of markers for $1.00...both classic colors and 'bright' colors.  I also picked up some 24 count crayon boxes for 40 cents apiece.   As I went by the 50% off summer section, I had to peek---and found these cute fish counters.  They were supposed to be 'table scatter' for parties, but they will be great counters to go in my addition centers.

And then, I succumbed.  Target had the crates for $ I went to Joann's and got fun monkey fabric and packages of foam.   Now all I have to do is get the plywood at Home Depot, and some ribbon, and I'm good to go.   So, in other words, I now have a ton of projects awaiting me, and all I've done so far is...don't laugh...made flower pens.  LOL.  Oh well, I still have a few weeks of summer left, right?  Besides, I'm supposed to be relaxing....hah!


  1. I found your blog and I will be following you! We have a lot in common (Target and Dollar Tree LOL)

  2. Ok go back into the Dining room and get a picture of those folders....I am looking for folders for labs and reading ...I did an entire post on should be up later today...We have so much in common (I am paid by Title I funds)you will see more on my post ;)

  3. I haven't seen this blog design before... it's cute! :)

  4. I jumped over from the teacher wife's blog- just to check out your blog design! It's cute.. I think you are just fine .. and stylish :o)

    And I would LOVE to live close to a Target. I am 75 miles from one :o(

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    Doodle Bugs Paper

  5. I agree with Lindsey and Kacey! I'm here from The Teacher Wife's blog after reading your comment and I think your blog is ADORABLE!! Don't change it :) I'm obsessed with Target too...I even made a blog devoted to my target finds. lol! Have you seen it? If not check it out!

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  6. Love your post and blog and I LOVE Shari Sloane too. I would love to see her in person and am so jealous you got to go to Vegas. I am your newest follower- come follow me too if you want ~
    Kinder By Golly

  7. I'm a new follower! Love your blog! Too cute! :)

  8. i just found you blog and tried to become a follower and it is not working right now. I love your first science experiment and want to do it! i will be back to follow!

  9. Liesl! What a great blog!! I can't wait to read more. I also picked up those crazy folders at the dollar store the other day. No idea what I will do with them yet but I am sure I will think of something. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas/finds.