Friday, July 8, 2011

Kindergarten Jobs Linky Party

"Keeping Up With The Kindergartners" is having a linky party regarding how you deal with classroom jobs.  I handle jobs differently than a lot of folks.  Each Monday, I assign jobs for the week.  I have it worked out that each child gets a job every other week.  

Though its difficult to tell in the picture (I took this in the middle of December, so ignore the mess on the right side of the picture), the shooting part of the stars are our jobs, and the stars have the students' names on them.   On the left I have 'general jobs'---I only have 4 of these.  Teacher's Helper, Line Leader, Meteorologist, and Substitute.  The class loves to have a chance to be 'Teacher's Helper'--whatever I need help with, they get to do.  

On the right side, I have listed our 6 tables, and each table gets a "Table Captain" for the week.  The table captain gets whatever is needed for their table---getting out and putting away materials, passing out whiteboards, putting away journals, etc.  

This procedure keeps me from having to remember too many jobs (I'm getting too old for that!), and the students feel that they are all equally responsible for the jobs in the classroom (and everyone stays happy!).


  1. I like your idea about the table captains! Don't forget to provide a link to my party as well so your followers know where to go if they want to join :o) I am a new follower!
    Peace, Mel D
    Oh the Places We’ll Go

  2. Your idea of giving the children duties is great. They'll have the sense of responsibility as they grow up. By any chance that you'll need tips in handling your kids, you can drop by at