Saturday, July 16, 2011

Walmart, Target and Dollar Tree, Part One....

Well, I think I have created a new version of Dr. Jean's "Pizza Hut" song---but this one is for teachers:
(the sad thing is, I've even thought of hand motions!)
Dollar Tree, Dollar Tree, Target and Dollar Tree
Dollar Tree, Dollar Tree, Target and Dollar Tree
Walmart, Walmart, yard sales and Walmart
Walmart, Walmart, yard sales and Walmart

My first "dip" into shopping this week was at the Exhibit Hall at iteachk in Las Vegas.  I was VERY frustrated that it didn't open first thing--they waited until Monday at 5:00 to open.  Let me tell you, there were 1200 frustrated kindergarten teachers rushing into that place at once.  I tried to do a 'once over' before buying anything, but soon realized that was impossible.   By Tuesday at noon, I told my friend Jenny Sue--"I can NOT go back into that place."  Some people have a problem staying out of the casinos in Vegas---I have a problem staying out of the Exhibit Hall. :)

So here is what I scooped up in Las Vegas (and spent over an hour trying to cram into my very small suitcase while Jenny Sue chuckled at me).
My 'goodies' from the half-off bookseller....two problems here:  One, the "old woman" is NOT a puppet as I thought, which means I will have to shove the little critters down her throat, and then make her 'throw up' to get them out again. Second problem--Bailey (my scraggly bichon) keeps trying to make off with the gingerbread man.  If you could see him clearly in the picture, you'd see he has a wet head--I had just rescued him from Bailey's mouth.   In fact, the entire time I was photographing these things, he was no further than 3 feet from me.  He kept eying the things I was putting on the floor...
Who me?  I'm not even LOOKING at your stuff, Mom...

From Resources for Reading (a source I love---they have great stuff, for less money than most!):  A giant timer (lets see if I can avoid breaking this one) and two sets of tactile letters (similar to the sandpaper letters, but with 'bumpy rubber')
From "Creation Station"--bingo markers in the colors I don't have (which I now HAVE to have, thanks to all the fabulous ideas Fran has shared over at Kindergarten Crayons and Julie at Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten), and yarn needles (5 for $1.00---and I can never find these).        
Children's books---one on pumpkins, 2 versions of The Little Red Hen (I do a lot with this story, and need more versions to compare to each other), Jack and the Beanstalk, and Jake Starts School.  I can't remember who put on their blog about this book---I think it was Fran---but I had to grab it.  These were at the half-off bookseller as well!

These were the two "teacher books" I got.  Kim Jordano's Take Home Books (I was inspired by Shari Sloane's fantastic session), and Dr. Jean's Highway letters.  I know that these are free online, but I've never used them, because I worry that my students practice forming the letters the incorrect way.  These letters have 'start' and 'stop' guides on them--and they are on cardstock, front and back (uppercase on one side and lowercase letter on the other).  I'm going to laminate these for extra measure, and I'm good to go!  This book was the most expensive thing I purchased, but I'm feeling its worth it.

The top set of books are some of the CTP books to go along with Kim's Take-Home Bags, and the ones in the next picture go along with Dr. Jean's songs.

My freebie!  I needed two more to make a class set of these, but now its one less to buy.  I these---they are wide enough for my pre-writers' huge writing at the beginning of the year (the boards are blank on the other side), and then by the last part of the year, they are able to use this side for writing sentences.  My kiddos LOVE them too!

My FAVORITE find of the conference---a gumball machine!  The vendor had it modeled to show that the little gems from the dollar store fit right in, and come out the slot.  She had labeled each gem with a sight word, and my mind quickly started envisioning all the possibilities.  I could use this as a part of a whole-group game---each person chooses a gumball to read, and if they get it right, they get a point for their team.  BUT, I can also put it in a center, and students have to write the words they get out of the machine.  And why stop with words?  What about letters?  Numbers??  I'm very excited about the possibilities here.  The only thing I DIDN'T like---and LEARN FROM ME, PEEPS---I got it back to my hotel room, and was taking it out of the box (to try and cram it in the aforementioned small suitcase), and read the infamous words on the bottom of the box:  Distributed by Greenbrier International.  Since this company is home-based here, I know what that means...DOLLAR TREE!!!  So, yes, I paid $3.95 for a dollar tree item.  But now I know to keep an eye out for them---and LEARN FROM ME!!!       

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  1. I am a new follower & am LMAO! I think we were separated at birth! I would post pics of all the stuff I have bought from Dollar Tree, Walmart & Target but it's being housed in my trunk right now. I would blog about it but if I take it out of my trunk & blog about it then my noisy husband will bust me. I'm supposed to be saving $$$ He just doesn't's a sickness..I need a 12 step program I think. I haven't been to Dollar Tree in over a week & am suffering from withdrawl..I think i'll sneak there tomorrow ;)
    Happy Shopping!
    Mel D
    Oh the Places We’ll Go